Salem-Republic manufactures a wide variety of high-quality peristaltic pump replacement hoses that are a direct replacement for peristaltic pump hoses manufactured by other companies, including Blackmer. Use the chart below to find a replacement Salem-Republic peristaltic pump hose for Blackmer hoses:

Blackmer Compatible Peristaltic Pump Hose Cross Reference Chart

OEM Hose P/NIDMaterialOEM Peristaltic Pump P/NSalem-Republic P/NSend RFQ
Y21871210mmNRA10 Blackmer PumpN6420-6Z-N1831-003-0170AASend RFQ
Y21871310mmNBRA10 Blackmer PumpN7300-6Z-N1831-003-0170AASend RFQ
Y21871410mmEPDMA10 Blackmer PumpN3450-6Z-N1831-003-0170AASend RFQ
Y21893815mmNRN6420-6Z-N1831-004-0248AASend RFQ
Y21893915mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1831-004-0248AASend RFQ
Y21894015mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1831-004-0248AASend RFQ
Y21872125mmNRA25 Blackmer PumpN6420-6Z-N2501-010-0339AASend RFQ
Y21872225mmNBRA25 Blackmer PumpN7300-6Z-N2501-010-0339AASend RFQ
Y21872325mmEPDMA25 Blackmer PumpN3450-6Z-N2501-010-0339AASend RFQ
Y21872432mmNRN6420-6Z-N1801-013-0418AASend RFQ
Y21872532mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1801-013-0418AASend RFQ
Y21872632mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1801-013-0418AASend RFQ
Y218727 / Y21873040mmNRA40 Blackmer Pump / AX40 Blackmer X PumpN6420-6Z-N2501-015-0497AASend RFQ
Y218728 / Y21873140mmNBRA40 Blackmer Pump / AX40 Blackmer X PumpN7300-6Z-N2501-015-0497AASend RFQ
Y218731 / Y21873240mmEPDMA40 Blackmer Pump / AX40 Blackmer X PumpN3450-6Z-N2501-015-0497AASend RFQ
Y21873350mmNRN6420-6Z-N1801-020-0605AASend RFQ
Y21873450mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1801-020-0605AASend RFQ
Y21873550mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1801-020-0605AASend RFQ
Y21873965mmNRA65 Blackmer PumpN6420-6Z-N1801-024-0774AASend RFQ
Y21874065mmNBRA65 Blackmer PumpN7300-6Z-N1801-024-0774AASend RFQ
Y21874165mmEPDMA65 Blackmer PumpN3450-6Z-N1801-024-0774AASend RFQ
Y218742 / Y21874580mmNRA80 Blackmer Pump / AX80 Blackmer X PumpN6420-6Z-N2501-032-0920AASend RFQ
Y218743 / Y21874680mmNBRA80 Blackmer Pump / AX80 Blackmer X PumpN7300-6Z-N2501-032-0920AASend RFQ
Y218744 / Y21874780mmEPDMA80 Blackmer Pump / AX80 Blackmer X PumpN3450-6Z-N2501-032-0920AASend RFQ
Y218748100mmNRA100 Blackmer PumpN6420-6Z-N3701-039-1073AASend RFQ
Y218749100mmNBRA100 Blackmer PumpN7300-6Z-N3701-039-1073AASend RFQ
Y218750100mmEPDMA100 Blackmer PumpN3450-6Z-N3701-039-1073AASend RFQ

Peristaltic hose can help deliver metered or dosing specific amounts of a liquid. Electric-powered peristaltic pumps (also known as positive displacement pumps) such as those sold under the Blackmer peristaltic pump brand are used extensively in fluid transfer and metered pumping applications throughout industry and in waste and water treatment applications.

Salem-Republic Rubber’s peristaltic hose provides excellent wear characteristics for use with shear sensitive, caustic, abrasive, corrosive, or gas-entrapped fluids allowing these fluids to be easily pumped or dosed into your application.

*The Blackmer name is a trademark or registered trademark  of PSG a Dover company.