Smooth Bore Heavy Wall Rubber Hosepipe

Heavy wall, large bore hosepipe is the ideal vehicle for mining sand, gravel, phosphate, ore or any number of highly abrasive materials. Used on ore processing barges, and aggregate mining operations the world over, Salem-Republic’s slurry handling rubber hosepipe offers you the ability to specify the end fitting that works best for your application. You can find custom fittings in use for suction, discharge, sleeves and gimbals.

Optional hose pipe ends:

  • Beaded hose ends offer you built-in steel angle ring for rigid support. The Flexrite beaded end flanges are designed to make rubber pipe-to-pipe mating and flange hole allignment easy.
  • S-R’s full-face duck and rubber pipe flange provides a complete seal with an exclusive raised face — there’s no need for you to use a gasket!
  • Built in steel nipple provides a secure, high-strength fitting. Nipple ID matches hose ID, allowing full flow of material minimizing slurry turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Similar to the built-in steel nipple, rubber-lined steel nipple hose connector provides the same ID throughout the pipe. You get full flow of materials through the hose with maximum resistance to abrasion.
  • Enlarged hose ends permit full flow through the connection. The hosepipe end fits the OD of the next pipe and is clamped in place.

We are happy to quote your rubber hosepipe requirements!