Waste Water Treatment Hose

Peristaltic Pump Hose

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Salem-Republic Rubber Company builds peristaltic pump hoses for waste water applications that are compatible with all major positive displacement pump manufacturers and offers custom built hoses to accommodate your specific requirements. Our “No-Crush” poly carcass is constructed using multiple plies of high tensile cord reinforcements, and the smooth precision ground concentric cover insures optimum performance and consistent flows.

  • Sizes from 10mm to 150mm
  • Smooth Precision Ground Cover
  • Multi-ply High Tensile Cord Reinforcement
  • Non-Standard or Custom Built Hoses Available
  • Tube Compounds: Natural Rubber, EPDM, Nitrile (Buna-N), and FDA Safe White & Tan Materials
  • For Watson-Marlow™, Blackmer™, Verder™, Ponndorf™, Periflo™, and all other Positive Displacement Pump Manufacturers
ID (MM)OD (mm)Length (mm)ID (in)OD (in)Length (in)

Model Number Compatibility Chart:

Peristaltic Pump
AllweilerASL10ASH / ASL15ASH / ASL25ASH 25ASH40ASH50ASH65ASH80ASH100
BlackmerA10A/AX 40A65A/AX 80A100
Watson-Marlo / BredelSPX10SPX15SPX25SPX32SPX40SPX50SPX65SPX80SPX100

Tube Diffusers

Salem-Republic Rubber Company offers a low cost solution for replacing tube diffusers. The slip-on tube diffuser membrane provides an easy and efficient way to replace a tube diffuser without replacing the whole assembly. The EPDM rubber membrane gives long life in harsh environments. Small perforated holes allow aeration when pressurized and keeps debris from entering when not in use. Fine pores, of the SRR design, form small bubbles that result in greater surface area and higher oxygen transfer.

  • Water Treatment Applications
  • EPDM Rubber Construction
  • Standard Perforation (60 holes/in )
  • Customized Size Perforation Available

Water Decant Hose Features

  • Used as the flexible connection in the decant system of water treatment tanks.
  • Constructed of a Corrosion Resistant, Elastomeric Tube, Carcass and Cover
  • Provided with Full-Face Duck and Rubber Flange or Beaded Ends with Back-up Rings
  • Vol-U-Flex Corrugated Cover provides a Tighter Bend Radius

Air Blower Hose Features

  • Used to convey air to waste water treatment tanks.
  • Tube & cover built with EPDM, Neoprene or other custom compounds
  • Smooth or Vol-U-Flex corrugated cover
  • Available with plain cut ends, flanges, soft cuffs, or beaded ends

Hose Customization Capabilities

Salem-Republic Rubber manufactures Waste Water Treatment Hose in almost limitless variations based on customer-specific needs.

To learn more about some of the customized hose manufacturing capabilities we offer,
click on a heading below:

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Custom Lengths

We can produce heavy-wall hose and high-flexibility tubes up to 50 feet in length, with custom-engineered diameters to match existing process pipe I.D.’s or O.D.’s up to 42 inches.

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Custom Tube Linings

Based on the types of materials that you will transfer via the hose, Salem-Republic will help you determine the best use of natural and synthetic rubber including quality custom blends.

custom-tube-linings[/dt_verticaltab_item][dt_verticaltab_item title=”Custom Wall Thickness”]

Custom Wall Thickness

Internal tube and supporting carcass wall thickness is determined based on the nature of specific compounds being handled, total hose diameter, and your service conditions. Salem-Republic’s engineers help make these determinations after getting a description of your hose working environment.[/dt_verticaltab_item][dt_verticaltab_item title=”Reinforcement Options”]

Reinforcement Options

Whether allowing for bends and turns in your process lines, or reinforced to prevent kinking, multi-ply synthetic fabrics and helically wound steel assure maximum tensile strength and ability to withstand movement and vibration in the hose made to your specifications.[/dt_verticaltab_item][dt_verticaltab_item title=”Custom Cover”]

Custom Cover

From wear-resistance to chemical resistance, your hose will be manufactured to meet your specific operating situation based on the nature of specific chemical compounds being handled, and your environment. If required for simple visual identification, hose can be provided with color-coded exterior. Color coding can also include stripes to customize identification tied to your plant safety requirements.