Rubber Linings

Salem-Republic Rubber produces a variety of uncured elastomeric linings. The rubber lining products are all produced at the company’s facility in Sebring, Ohio. Elastomeric linings provide abrasion resistance in material handling and transfer applications as well as corrosion resistance for applications in industries such as water treatment, chemical transfer and storage, and chemical processing equipment. Available in a variety of elastomers, the linings are available in thicknesses from 1/8” – 1/2” and widths from 37” – 65”.

Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

For more information, please view our rubber lining material overview information and specification sheets found below, or contact Salem-Republic for a quotation.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Salem-Republic Rubber is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the sale and manufacture of various gauge, rubber sheeting, rubberized cloth and elastomeric films known as Calendered Product.

Quality and manufacturing personnel worked with Quality Systems Registrars, Inc., a leading registration firm, to certify that our quality standard for calendered rubber products is compliant with standards conforming to ISO 9001:2015.

Available Rubber Linings

Natural Rubber

  • SR654 – Durometer 60 +/- 5 Shore A – Natural, soft, black, excellent chemical, tear and abrasion resistance. A highly reinforced compound with Tie gum and antiozonant and antioxidant inhibitors. Good weather resistance.
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  • SR655 – Durometer 60 +/- 5 Shore A – Natural, soft, black, excellent chemical, tear and abrasion resistance. A highly reinforced compound with Tie Gum.
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  • SR656 – Durometer 55 +/- 5 Shore A – Natural, soft, black with Tie Gum and Anitozonants and antioxidants which combine to provide weather protection. Good chemical resistance. Superior machining and grinding qualities without smoky reversion, resulting in a smooth, clean surface.
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  • SR685 – Durometer 90 +/- 5 Shore A – Natural, semi-hard, black. A flexible ebonite lining offering maximum resistance to many chemicals. Without Tie Gum. FDA Compliant.
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  • SR960 – Durometer 60 +/- 5 Shore A – 100% Neoprene, soft, black, without Tie gum. Has good abrasion, weathering, corrosion and oil resistance. Self- extinguishing with good machining characteristics.
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  • SR235 – Durometer 65 +/- 5 Shore A – Chlorobutyl, soft, black with Nautral Tie Gum for general purpose chemical resistance with superior abrasion resistance. Not for bleach (NaOCl) service.
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  • SR255 – Durometer 55 +/- 5 Shore A – Chlorobutyl with Natural Tie Gum. Special lining for general purpose chemical service and excellent use with super phosphoric acid service and some oxidizing chemicals. Good heat resistance. Not recommended for Bleach (NaOCl) service.
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  • SR215 – Durometer 60 +/- 5 Shore A – Black, Bromobutyl with Tie Gum. Has excellent high temperature resistance, able to handle acid and caustic solutions up to 260°F (127°C). FDA compliant.
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Rubber Lining Cross Reference Chart

For product specifications, click the red “View Specifications »” link in the row of the product you are interested in.

Natural35 +/- 5SR635View Specifications »PG702000
Natural45 +/- 5SR640View Specifications »VE412BN / LS5532002
Natural40 +/- 5SR648View Specifications »VE411TN / LS5561099
Natural55 +/- 5SR654View Specifications »LS5512033
Natural60 +/- 5SR655View Specifications »VE611BN1060
Natural60 +/- 5SR656View Specifications »Δ1069
Natural90 +/- 5SR685View Specifications »ΔΔ
Natural90 +/- 5SR690View Specifications »VE821BNS1048
Neoprene60+/- 5SR960View Specifications »VE610BNE / LS5752010 / 2012
Chlorobutyl65 +/- 5SR235View Specifications »VE628BCΔ
Chlorobutyl55 +/- 5SR255View Specifications »VE621BC1055
Bromobutyl60 +/- 5SR215View Specifications »HB50HT6512

Δ = No equivalent liner available from this manufacturer