Special Notice, Warranty, and Terms

Special Notice and Warranty

1. Notwithstanding any conditions imposed on customer’s order, such order is accepted by seller with the understanding that delivery thereunder may be deferred and will be made at the price or prices in effect on date of shipment, provided however that notice of change shall be given in advance of shipping date.
2. All prices are subject to change from time to time to compensate for any tax, excise, or levy imposed upon the goods sold, or upon the manufacture, sale or delivery thereof, or, whenever any tax, excise, levy, law or governmental regulation shall have the effect directly or indirectly of increasing the cost of manufacture, sale or delivery of such goods.

“SALEM-REPUBLIC warrants, for a period of 18 months from the date of shipment or one year from the date of installation, whichever is earlier, its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. SALEM-REPUBLIC’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at its factory of any part or parts of said products which shall be returned to SALEM-REPUBLIC with transportation charges prepaid and which SALEM-REPUBLIC’s examination shall disclose to its satisfaction to have been defective. This is SALEM-REPUBLIC’s sole warranty. SALEM-REPUBLIC MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND WHATEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED; AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTILIBILTY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH EXCEED THE AFORESTATED OBLIGATION ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED BY SALEM-REPUBLIC AND EXCLUDED FROM THIS AGREEMENT. SALEM-REPUBLIC neither assumes or authorizes any persons to assume for it, any other obligation in connection with the sales of SALEM-REPUBLIC’s products. This warranty shall not apply to any product or component thereof which has been repaired or altered outside of SALEM-REPUBLIC’s factory in any manner, so as, in SALEM-REPUBLIC’s judgement to affect its serviceability or which has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident, or to products made by SALEM-REPUBLIC which have been operated in a manner contrary to SALEM-REPUBLIC’s printed instructions. Under no circumstances shall SALEM-REPUBLIC be liable for loss, damage, cost of repair or consequential damages of any kind in connection with the sale, use or repair of any product purchased from SALEM-REPUBLIC.”


1/2% – 10 days
net – 30 days