Salem-Republic manufactures a wide variety of high-quality peristaltic pump replacement hoses that are a direct replacement for peristaltic pump hoses manufactured by other companies, including Watson-Marlow / Bredel. Use the chart below to find a replacement Salem-Republic peristaltic pump hose for Watson-Marlow / Bredel hoses:

Watson-Marlow / Bredel Compatible Peristaltic Hose Cross Reference Chart

OEM Peristaltic Pump P/NOEM Hose P/NHose IDHose MaterialSalem-Republic Hose P/NSend RFQ
SPX10 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump01002010mmNRN6420-6Z-N1831-003-0170AASend RFQ
SPX10 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump01004010mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1831-003-0170AASend RFQ
SPX10 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump01007510mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1831-003-0170AASend RFQ
SPX15 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump01502015mmNRN6420-6Z-N1831-004-0248AASend RFQ
SPX15 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump01504015mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1831-004-0248AASend RFQ
SPX15 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump01507515mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1831-004-0248AASend RFQ
SPX25 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump02502025mmNRN6420-6Z-N2501-010-0339AASend RFQ
SPX25 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump02504025mmNBRN7300-6Z-N2501-010-0339AASend RFQ
SPX25 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump02507525mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N2501-010-0339AASend RFQ
SPX32 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump03202032mmNRN6420-6Z-N1801-013-0418AASend RFQ
SPX32 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump03204032mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1801-013-0418AASend RFQ
SPX32 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump03207532mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1801-013-0418AASend RFQ
SPX40 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump04002040mmNRN6420-6Z-N2501-015-0497AASend RFQ
SPX40 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump04004040mmNBRN7300-6Z-N2501-015-0497AASend RFQ
SPX40 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump04007540mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N2501-015-0497AASend RFQ
SPX50 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump05002050mmNRN6420-6Z-N1801-020-0605AASend RFQ
SPX50 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump05004050mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1801-020-0605AASend RFQ
SPX50 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump05007550mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1801-020-0605AASend RFQ
SPX65 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump06502065mmNRN6420-6Z-N1801-024-0774AASend RFQ
SPX65 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump06504065mmNBRN7300-6Z-N1801-024-0774AASend RFQ
SPX65 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump06507565mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N1801-024-0774AASend RFQ
SPX80 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump08002080mmNRN6420-6Z-N2501-032-0920AASend RFQ
SPX80 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump08004080mmNBRN7300-6Z-N2501-032-0920AASend RFQ
SPX80 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump08007580mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N2501-032-0920AASend RFQ
SPX100 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump100020100mmNRN6420-6Z-N3701-039-1073AASend RFQ
SPX100 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump100040100mmNBRN7300-6Z-N3701-039-1073AASend RFQ
SPX100 Watson-Marlow / Bredel Pump100075100mmEPDMN3450-6Z-N3701-039-1073AASend RFQ

Peristaltic hose can help deliver metered or dosing specific amounts of a liquid. Electric-powered peristaltic pumps (also known as positive displacement pumps) such as those sold under the Watson-Marlow and Bredel peristaltic pump brands are used extensively in fluid transfer and metered pumping applications throughout industry and in waste and water treatment applications.

Salem-Republic Rubber’s peristaltic hose provides excellent wear characteristics for use with shear sensitive, caustic, abrasive, corrosive, or gas-entrapped fluids allowing these fluids to be easily pumped or dosed into your application.

*The Watson-Marlow and Bredel names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Spirax Sarco Engineering plc company.